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Board of Directors

Leaders in their respective industries, our Board Members provide a unique perspective based on their seasoned expertise and diversified backgrounds.

Board of Directors

Inside Directors

  • Jon Wilcox, CEO,
    California Republic Bank
  • John DeCero, President,
    California Republic Bank

Outside Directors

  • Robert Barth, Chairman of the Board and
    CEO, Black Equities Group, Ltd.
  • John Bendheim, President,
    Bendheim Enterprises, Inc.
  • Marc Brutten, Entrepreneur and CEO,
    Westcore Holdings, San Diego, California
  • Bob Din, CEO,
    EN Pointe Technologies
  • John Hagestad, Managing Partner,
  • Warren Orlando, Chairman,
    1st United Bancorp., Boca Raton, Florida
  • J. Scott Watt, President and CEO,
    Watt Group of Companies

The best leader brings out the best in those he has
stewardship over.

J. Richard Clarke