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For 28 days in 1846, California became its own independent republic. This was the result of a small group of hard working, dedicated and rebellious California settlers who were driven by a mission to unite together and create a unique republic that truly represented the California spirit. During this time together, the group raised their own flag, known as the “Bear Flag”, which represented their sovereignty.

California Republic Bank was created with this same innovative and independent spirit, which is reflected in our state’s history. Our logo displays the bank’s own unique flag which is representative of the old maritime symbol for “Pilot on Board”. The “Pilot on Board” flag would be raised over ships that would require the services of local experts who would help their clients navigate through unfamiliar waters, and deliver them safely to
their destination.

Today, that same tradition resonates not only in California Republic Bank’s logo, but also in our philosophy. We are a California-based, local bank, with expert advisers providing clients with direct access to decision makers, responsiveness and the ability to help them arrive safely where they want to be. The original California Republic’s independent spirit lives on in our bank. We are committed to being better than the national banks and remaining here in California, which we feel is absolutely necessary to understand and proactively serve the unique needs of our local clients.